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Dungeon Overhaul

2013-01-06 10:59:37 by Lan14n

I redid the dungeons and added new ones. They are now more detailed compared to the old one. I was also able to add more variety to the floors and walls, so each room looks significantly different. On the screenshot we have (from top left to bottom right) plains, desert valley, highland forest, and snow.

To see comparison screenshots of the old dungeons and the new ones, head on over to:

Dungeon Overhaul


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2013-01-06 13:26:21



2013-01-06 17:02:35

Hope the music is cool,too.Especially on the Ice BGM.


2013-01-11 08:29:41

Hope you'll can find good music for instence,a good beginning trailer with music for the game. Spirit of light would be a good one. Spirit of light is a music theme & can be found on youtube. It really rocks dude!! You must hear it!!!!


2013-01-11 08:31:33

Just search in spirit oflight song you'll be there.