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New New Dungeons

2013-01-13 16:20:36 by Lan14n

Been working on just dungeons for the past 2 weeks. Current progress is 22/28 for the dungeon backgrounds and 2/28 for the battle backgrounds (the first game only had 5 backgrounds). Still a long way to go (-_-). Here are some of the indoor dungeons.

New New Dungeons


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2013-01-13 16:25:41

Lookin' good so far, and have you considered adding enemy animation? (I know a shit-ton of animators if you're interested.)

Lan14n responds:

nope :(

What I did instead was ask for help on special (skill) effects, so it looks a lot better now. I also added some code that will move/shake monsters when hit, so they'll look lively. I also added more monsters to compensate for the lack of animation. Currently it has 100+ monsters on the bestiary, and I'm adding more for optional quests.


2013-01-13 17:26:51

okay i want to get some things clear here: i love crystal story
but i hated the weapons that only incrase one stat not seeing equipment on my chars and being given a roster of non customizable chars! and the enmeys chasing you try poking around at other RPGS and trying staonatry monsters and maybe faster movment


2013-01-14 12:31:36

I love the way it looks so far! :-) I also love that you're bringing the monsters from the first game into the second game! :-) I really love the title, it's got me very interested in the game now! :-) I do have one request though, could you PLEASE make chests appear more often in the rooms!? :-) Do you know if it will be ready for us to play by summer? :-) That's all for now! :-) Keep up the excellent work! :-)


2013-01-14 15:27:46

your giant images broke the site, I HOPE YOU'RE PROUD