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Crystal Story II Battle Preview

2013-02-17 16:11:00 by Lan14n

Hey Guys! Big update:

Check out the battle preview for the game:

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Some features that have been added:
- Character Movement
- Zoom
- UI overhaul

Some notes on what to fix:
- Move the character attacking in front of the defender
- Change the "Turn Indicator" symbol
- Add a camera shake when Fire is casted
- Make new icons for the commands
- Fix Icons
- Make a new "Quest Complete" popup
- Fix Sound Effects and add voices

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2013-02-17 17:01:20

glad you kept the battle theme

Lan14n responds:

We are planning to have multiple battle themes through out the game. This is the first one.


2013-02-17 17:24:17


Lan14n responds:



2013-02-17 21:16:27

Looks neat. Im a fan of the first, so im looking forward to this one.

Lan14n responds:



2013-02-17 22:27:39

i like how the story was on the 1st one & battle theme, its kinda hilarious when helpers&guides do all the work while the main character does nothing.

Lan14n responds:



2013-02-18 11:43:29

I love when the camera comes closer to the enemy on critical strikes <3

Lan14n responds:

its actually a random zoom currently. Zooms 20% of the time. I'm thinking of using it only for critical strikes though. I'll have to see first how often critical works.


2013-02-18 17:15:08

I love the first game (all characters are level 81 right now), and it looks like I will love this game more than the first one! Keep up the good work! :-)

Lan14n responds:

wow thats pretty impressive lol



2013-02-19 04:49:44

I liked the first one a lot. One of the few things I didn't like was how you were kind of made to focus on one tree. And even then, the game was short enough where it wasn't likely you'd finish it unless you grind. The one thing I would have liked was more accessibility to points in the tree, as well as more of an ability to cross match them. I felt like if I wanted a healer, I had to go for it and could get a healer/mage or whatever.

I also noticed a different cast of characters in this video. Does that mean the team will be different? Or does it mean we can choose which characters to put in our team out of a number of them to use? Either way is fine, but I am curious.

Btw, was that the girl from the shop I saw in there?

Lan14n responds:

- I basically remade the character development from scratch. There are 6 trees divided into 5 subparts. You can choose which ones to unlock as you progress. Its kinda confusing to explain right now and i'm trying to think of a way on how to explain it in game. I guess I will do an explanation about it in the future.

- There are 4 new characters. I wanted more attack animations and side view is much more easier to draw than isometric, so i just made new characters.

- no lol.


2013-03-03 07:17:17

I dig the 1st game, I have no complaints what so ever and i see here you making another one part 2.
I wonder if Phoebe from the first one would be on this new one. Although she's just a drawing, i just simply fell in love with her and also she makes a very good healer ^_^