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Defense Minigames

2013-03-03 16:51:25 by Lan14n

Here is a sneak peek of the 2 defense games. I greatly underestimated the work on the new one and I spent a week working on the path finding algorithm : (

The objective of the new defense game is to hire mercenaries to stop the oncoming horde that is attacking Crystalia. Each mercenary has his own unique use and can be upgraded. You can move them around to block the enemy's path and attack them.

I am still using placeholders and I have to change the sprites. I am still working on it right now.

Defense Minigames


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2013-03-03 21:06:07

Awesome, I really liked Zombie Defense from the first one and would sometimes go back to the game just to play it. I'm trying to understand the concept of the top game but I don't mind being surprised when I get a chance to play it.
Actually, today was the first day I realized you were making a sequel. I had hoped you would, of course, but I've played too many Flash games deserving a sequel after which the author just lost interest and it never materialized, so I'm really excited you're going forward with it. Take your time, polish it as well as you can, and know you've made my day a lot better. :)

Lan14n responds:

oh thanks! I'm glad you liked the first one! :D


2013-03-08 08:58:59

This looks very cool! (By the way, if you need someone to test crystal story 2, I would be more than happy to!)