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Happy Easter Update!

2013-03-31 16:16:35 by Lan14n

Happy Easter! / April Fools tomorrow!

I decided to take my time on working on the intro. The recap for the intro will be one big scrolling image. I'm putting more effort in cleaning up the line art and putting line weights. I bought the new version of Manga Studio and it's really neat.

Spells and items are also now categorized for easy access. I'm planning to add a lot of items and spells and it became a hassle just to find what you want from the list.

Happy Easter Update!


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2013-03-31 17:13:06

i like it- it looks really clean

Lan14n responds:

thanks :D


2013-04-01 14:49:21

Looks good!


2013-04-01 18:24:23

Take your time, I can wait.