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Crystal Story 2 Testing Info

2013-06-16 15:20:42 by Lan14n

Hey! I will start testing today.

I currently call this Alpha testing, since it still has a lot of missing features, but the main gameplay should be intact. Debug tools will still be in the game (cheats). This will enable you to explore the game and basically play it on GOD mode. Once the progression is tested and other features are added, I will go on to the beta testing phase and all debug tools will be removed.

A little warning: This is not a demo. This is still an unfinished game. Saves will be wiped and might get corrupted. The aim for this testing is to speed up the development of the game by helping me find the broken/missing parts so I can fix it. If you want a full experience, I suggest try waiting a few weeks until most of the fixes and features are implemented.

More info on the beta will are available here:

Crystal Story 2 Testing Info


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