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Slight Delay

2013-06-23 15:00:32 by Lan14n

I think we might delay the game a bit. We need more time to finish some of the resources in the game. I thought we could do it this week, but my estimate was off. I would like to apologize.

We might finish the intro movie eariler this week and we will submit it to newgrounds and youtube by itself. Watch out for that! :D

For now I will continue on and find bugs with the gameplay while the resources are still being made. The game will be updated along the way.

For last week, we made a lot of progress a lot of the critical bugs were fixed. There were also a lot of icons added in the game.

Thanks a lot to the testers for the feedback and reports. It really helps a lot with the progress of the game.

Slight Delay


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2013-06-28 18:47:42

Can't wait for the intro & game! Good Luck! ^_^