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Crystal Story 2 is now 50% off.

GTA is 60$ still for some reason... wth... I guess i'm picking up Valkyria instead.

Crystal Story II now on Steam!

2015-02-06 13:07:53 by Lan14n


Crystal Story II is now available on Steam! :D


Crystal Story II will be on steam next week! Thanks for all the votes on steam greenlight! :D

Here is the changelog for the new "Sword of the Fallen Dragon" update:

Main Features:

  • New chapter (Chapter 6) – Sword of the Fallen Dragon: A new threat has risen. Join the party once again as they investigate the strange mysteries that are happening on the Northern Orc Village.
  • New side quests -The Curious Thief: A pesky thief has been stealing items from the neighboring towns. The party is hired to catch the thief and return the items that were stolen.
  • Card Battle: Collect cards and challenge foes to a Card Duel in an all new minigame.
  • Battle Arena: Monsters line up to challenge your party in battle. Defeat them to earn prizes.
  • Pet Gifts: Your pet now goes on its own adventure while you are away and will occasionally give you its spare items. Remember to visit it while in town.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Removed MP requirement for casting Guard
  • Decreased Mag Up buff multiplier from 1.8 to 1.4 (same as atk up)
  • Decreased enemy Burst max damage from 1x-3x damage to 1x-2x damage (same as normal Burst)
  • Decreased Quicken SPD rating from 1.5 to 1.33
  • Decreased Slow SPD rating from 0.5 to 0.66
  • Increased Overall stats of Random Buff and Random Nerf Weapons
  • Increased Overall stats of Buff+ and Nerf+ Weapons
  • Last Resort Weapons now have added Physical and Magical Resistance
  • Lowered Status Durations of crafted bombs
  • Increased the gold and ap given by bosses
  • Renamed Thief (38) to Bandit, Thief (103) to Mugger, Earth Golem (112) to Rock Golem, Yeti (130) to YETI
  • Added a difficulty notification for post game dungeons
  • Various minor Mercenary Defense gameplay tweaks and improved rewards
  • Drop rate improvements
  • Dungeon layout tweaks

Graphical Changes:

  • Added smoothing to icons for better higher resolution scaling
  • Improved the quality on some of the dungeon sprites
  • Fixed the UI overlap and button selection for the dungeon skill menu
  • Re-encoded the Intro cutscene video for better quality
  • Other minor visual tweaks

Bug Fixes:

  • Def Down and MDef Down nerfs should now work properly
  • Dismantle now gives the correct amount of scrap metal when having Neck Tie in your inventory
  • Fixed a bug where heroes can equip multiple Full Armors
  • Fixed a bug where Equipping Goggles III would lock and disable your equipment
  • Skills that cannot be used in battle no longer leave blank slots on the battle skill select menu
  • Skeleton Archers no longer goes into melee range when attacking.
  • Fixed optional bosses (deluxe version) loot table
  • Fixed optional areas (deluxe version) monster spawns
  • Fixed unclickable issue with big Koohii fight.
  • Mercenary Defense Healer now has heal effect.
  • Removed Mercenary Defense bonus level.
  • (PC) Pressing space while on the Enter Name screen will not close the window anymore
  • (PC) Fixed resolution settings not displaying the right dimensions

Another Update

2014-09-13 18:45:44 by Lan14n


If you guys were wondering what I'm up to with the new game, I just created my own level editor. Levels should be easy for me to make now:

Theres also other updates I forgot to post on NG >_<



You can play Crystal Story and Crystal Story II for free here on NG:


You can also buy the android and the pc/mac deluxe version on the store:


New Game update

2014-05-25 16:21:13 by Lan14n


Hey! Here's an update on what's happening.

I just graduated and now I have to find a real job to sustain myself. I will be working on a new game in the meantime while looking for one. I don't know what to call it yet or if it's going to be a sequel. It's still a long way to go. It might take longer if I find a job since I might have to put it on hold or just work on it on my free time. I will try to post updates on the status of the game though.

Thanks again for the support guys! I really appreciate it. :)


You can play Crystal Story and Crystal Story II for free here on NG:


You can also buy the android and the pc/mac deluxe version on the store:

3D monster test

2014-05-02 19:11:24 by Lan14n

I've been playing around with Blender and Unity lately. Here's a short vid on what the monsters look like. Nothing is final and I'm still learning as I go. They currently only have idle animations.

Here is the wireframe for those who are interested:

And the original Sprites:

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Crystal Story for Android

2014-04-05 21:36:57 by Lan14n


Hey guys! Crystal Story (the first one) is now available for Android Devices! Finally had some time to do it! Spring Break WOOOOOO!

Crystal Story II is now available on Desura

2014-03-05 18:32:24 by Lan14n

Crystal Story II is now available on Desura :D

Also please don't forget to vote for it on steam greenlight. If it gets greenlit, those who purchased on desura will also get a steam key.


Here's the original link for those of you who wanted to play for free :)



Crystal Story II is now on Newgrounds

2014-02-04 14:56:51 by Lan14n

Hey! Crystal Story II is now on Newgrounds. Come check it out:


Crystal Story 2 is out!

2013-11-05 15:38:43 by Lan14n


Edit: I'd like to apologize. Seems like a lot of huge bugs popped up. I'll be fixing them over the weekend. Really sorry. :(

Crystal Story 2 is out!